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Puppies and Dogs


Are you ready to be a puppy parent?

Puppies and dogs are the cutest bundles of fur in the world, but if you aren’t prepared for this new member of your family it could turn your life upside down! First off, if you are thinking about buying a puppy or dog, be aware that this one small action will change your life … mostly for the better … and you need to be prepared, as this change will happen instantly upon bringing the new puppy or dog into your home.

If you decide on a puppy, keep in mind the fact that puppies are just babies. They are as defenseless as a human baby. Human babies, as well as puppies come into the world and must rely on humans or their dog Moms for everything … from food and water to love, compassion, morals, ethics etc.

baby houdini clarke puppies and dogs

Puppies need to be nurtured by “parents” that instill and teach good behavior, values and respect. Puppies and dogs require your time and energy to turn out happy and healthy. No one likes to be around an ill behaved pooch! Dogs with no manners, discipline, or respect for you can lead to many problems … ranging from biting, barking, chewing and disobedience.

The time you take planning the arrival of any puppy, dog or pet into your home will be well spent and will make a world of difference in your future relationship. I guess you could say that sharing your life with a puppy or dog will color your life for the next 10 – 15 years … so take the time out now to make it a pleasant experience.


Have you considered what type of dog you want to live with? Do you like
dogs that don’t shed or perhaps a small dog because you live in an apartment or have limited time to give a more “robust” dog the exercise that they need? Maybe you are an outdoors buff that wants a furry companion to accompany them on outdoor adventures. Golden Retrievers and Labs love the water … maybe that “speaks” to you … and for goodness sake, if you have small children in the house consider those needs. A tiny dog can be injured unknowingly by a small child and on the other hand an overly large, aggressive dog can hurt your child.

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It is also “key” to understand how puppies perceive certain situations. This will benefit you as you can then have an understanding as to why they act the way they do. Puppies and dogs “literally” see things in black and white, and usually will react out of sheer impulse. A responsible puppy parent knows this and understands. Puppies and dogs are living the only way they know how, and it is up to you, the “parent” to teach them what is appropriate and what is not.

Yes, your relationship with your puppy or dog is what you make it. Puppies and dogs need everyday care, but in addition, you have to be prepared for their healthcare. Puppies and dogs require at least an annual visit to the vet for a yearly exam, shots or boosters, as well as dental care. Puppies and dogs do require and a budget!

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House breaking seems to always be a big issue when you first bring a puppy or dog home. Dogs pee on the floor because they don’t know any better. As a “puppy parent”, you need to teach your puppy that going to the bathroom inside is not the correct thing to do. There are various methods of reaching this desired goal, but once mastered, this will be one of the first steps to a happy long term relationship!

Potty training is just one example of a life lesson that needs to be mastered, others of equal importance including puppy chewing, socializing and obedience training.

Puppies and dogs are a big responsibility, but I for one know the joys of owning a beloved dog! The time spent early in your relationship with your pet will pay a million times over!

puppies and dogs rock!

Let’s face it … puppies and dogs ROCK!